Tarantino up close and personal

We all love Tarantino, right? Especially here in the Westside, Harbor Area, and the South Bay where his personal and film roots are. Having lived in Torrance, Lomita, and Harbor City, and worked in Manhattan Beach, it’s been a pleasure to see some of our landmarks in his films such as: The Cockatoo Inn, Chips Diner, Del Amo Mall, the streets of Inglewood and South Central, dialogue about Ladera Heights, and other such places. Have you ever sat around with your friends imitating some of the film dialogue from Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown, or other films?

Well, a group of troubadors started doing just that, acting out scenes and the soundtracks until it escalated into something bigger. Creators, Shane Scheel and Christopher Lloyd Bratten, have taken this concept to another level by conducting live theatrical performances combined with dinner and cocktails. Their For the Record Series can be seen at RockWell: Table and Stage in Los Feliz, on Vermont Ave. Last night I had the pleasure of seeing live and up close some of my favorite parts of Tarantino’s films and soundtracks from the comfort of a bar stool. Some of the highlights included: Stuck in the Middle with You, when Michael Madsen’s cuts Mr. Orange’s ear off, Son of a Preacher Man, Mia Wallace and Vincent Vega dancing to You Never Can Tell, and when Mia Wallace overdoses. For my friend Ricardo, the highlight was when they performed Across 110th St by Bobby Womack, and when they did Didn’t I Blow Your Mind by the Delfonics, it reached a climax.

They continued with Tarantino’s long and impressive career with scenes from Kill Bill, Death Proof, where the women in the show did an impressive and erotic take on The Coaster’s ‘Down In Mexico,’ and ended with Inglorious Basterds, saving the best for last…David Bowie’s Putting Out Fire. So if you get a chance to see the show, you will not be dissapointed. The group mentioned they would be going to South by Southwest in Austin soon, but you can probably catch them doing Scorcese and John Hughes, (Pretty in Pink, Breafkast Club, Some Kind of Wonderful) and whatever else these impressive troubadors have up their sleeve. So what about you readers out there, what are some of your favorite films, directors, or scenes that you’d like to see up close?


6 Responses to “Tarantino up close and personal”

  1. Eddie Garcia

    Hey bro. FYI the restaurant scene was filmed at the “Hawthorne Grill” not at “Chips”.

  2. pete

    I am glad to hear of this!
    I propose to my Westside brethren that we start a Blood in Blood out /Goodfellas gig of our own? Now go get your fucken shine box!

  3. MP

    I have one…only because the visual effects were such; to see it in person would be surreal…

    What Dreams May Come…..

    My all time favorite movie….It covers every good, bad, and emo thought a person could have!!


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