The L.A. Art Show

In less than a week, the Los Angeles Art Show will kick off at the Convention Center in Downtown. From January 15-19th you will get a glimpse of Historic and Traditional, Modern and Contemporary, and a Fine Print Fair, while simultaneously gaining access to the Jewelry, Antique, and Design Show benefiting the FIDM Museum Fashion Council. The opening night premiere party will be presented by the honorable mayor Eric Garcetti, councilmember Tom LaBonge, actor Tim Robbins, and the Sister Cities of Los Angeles, in partnership with Bordeaux-Los Angeles, bringing you some of the finest wines of the Bordeaux region along with California-Latino inspired samplers. On opening night, guests will have the opportunity to view Cheech Marin’s fine prints Chicano Collection, Gil Garcetti’s photo exhibit of female cyclists in Paris, and work by French artists who are part of the France-Los Angeles residency exchange program. The L.A. Art Show has been around for eighteen years and is the longest-running venue of its kind in the whole country, thus reinforcing the idea that Los Angeles is on its way to becoming the most important cultural and artistic center in the United States.

More than one hundred galleries in various mediums will participate in this grand event. There will be several curated exhibits and installations such as Hues of China, which will showcase young emerging artists from China and their current interpretation of society, politics, and culture, alongside the ceramics movement and where its headed, and a selection of high-end galleries. Another exhibit will cover Korea’s Pop Art Movement and its assessment of consumer culture, Cairo 11, which is a video installation that examines the murals painted during the Egyptian Revolution of 2011, Littletopia, which focuses on small independent galleries and their commitment to innovation, Salvation, a sculpture exhibit dealing with redemption and meaning, amongst others. The exhibit I am looking most forward to is, Will L.A. Reclaim it’s Title of Mural Capital of the World? presented by the Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles and curated by Isabel Rojas-Williams. It will focus on artists such as: Kent Twitchell, Augustine Kofie, Mear one, amongst others, and dealing with the next phase of the muralist movement. There will be several talks throughout the event by artists, curators, and art critics, ranging from Architecture, to Fashion Design, to Muralism, special art show tours, and a special exhibition by Volvo.

Don’t forget to get your tickets early and remember to always support the art and culture of Los Angeles!


2 Responses to “The L.A. Art Show”

  1. Isabel Rojas-Williams

    Great article! Thank you for your support. We are looking forward to seeing you at the exciting 2014 LA ART SHOW!

    Warmly, Isabel

    Isabel Rojas-Williams Executive Director Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles (MCLA) 155 W. Washington Blvd., Suite G-1, Los Angeles, CA 90015 Office: 213-291-6900 | Fax:213-291-9664 | Cell: 626-278-0761


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