Urban Politics is a juxtaposition of sureño street gangs, political theory, and government functions. This civil philosophy essay examines street gang behavior and culture through a political lens. It assesses political phenomenon such as: social contracts, the media, political parties, city council structures, budgeting, and other forms of political conduct within a street gang organization context. Ribera d’Ebre offers a unique perspective into gang culture that challenges the reader to view street gangs from the inside with a creative slant, while providing vital insight into the underground culture of these organizations.

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Michael Ray Korsakov’s journalism career had become stagnant, until he stumbled across a story that lead to his incarceration.  When Michael begins investigating an illegal immigration conflict in Edinburg, Texas, he is thrust into a perpetual world of superhighways, monopoly, conspiracy, and murder. It also spurs Michael into a torrid love interest with the founder of a watchdog organization that monitors the superhighway system, Helena Stratos, a social activist and contract attorney with a sordid past who’s bent on exposing the NAFTA blueprint.

While Michael and Helena begin uncovering a massive monopoly involving private and public organizations, whistleblower Jay Jacobs is found dead in his suburban home in the outskirts of Austin. Michael and Helena race to uncover the perpetrators behind the plot in a story that takes them across the United States, Mexico, and Canada. In the process they are aided by an ex-CIA agent who happened to be a close friend of the deceased Jay Jacobs, who has his own motives to expose the monopoly. But his help comes with a price tag, what will Michael and Helena have to do in return?

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4 Responses to “Books”

  1. pete

    One of the best books I have ever read!!
    You don’t have to be a political or conspiracy junky to get ensnared in this web of fascinating literature…the author pulls the rug of oblivion out from under you…..I am Enlightened, restless, and wanting more !

  2. rodburns1

    Thanks for the support, keep an eye out this year for my forthcoming books, Urban Politics (Revised Edition) and A Grave Situation!


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